Music Technology 

Music Composition:

Students will compose and perform music using theoretical and applied music skills to produce audio and digital recordings on computers and live in concert with instruments from the band, orchestra, guitar, and keyboard families.


Music Editing/Production:

Students will create, edit and produce original audio and digital multi-track recordings on computers using Finale, Sibelius, FL Studio 10, Avid, and Pro Tools which are industry standard software programs.


Students will learn to play both acoustic and electric guitars while mastering pick and classical playing styles. Reading music, playing by ear and digital composition using their instrument is mandatory.



Students learn to play the violin, viola, cello or double bass, using a unique combination of both Bornoff and Suzuki methods. Emphasis is placed on technical development and sight-reading. Solo performance, ensembles, and digital composition are required.


Students learn classical, contemporary and jazz idioms. The focus is placed on music reading as well as playing by ear. Students will create and perform original compositions on both the piano and computer.

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