English as a Second Language

 The English as a Second Language curriculum seeks to provide students with the linguistic and social proficiency that produces command and ease of communication. Each modern-language program cultivates the necessary skills required for authentic interaction in a wide spectrum of situations and environments.


Students discover to speak, write, read and listen to English while increasing sophistication as the scope of their vocabulary increases, their grip of grammar solidifies, and their understanding and manner of expression become more finely attuned to social and cultural nuance. Our school has an assorted student body in our E.S.O.L program including Chinese, Haitian, Hispanic, Indian, and Middle Eastern learners.


The modern language program culminates in near-native English fluency for all students. In all languages of instruction, the curriculum jointly promotes linguistic capability, through the structured study of vocabulary, grammar, and syntax, and cultural literacy, through the study of English practices, and traditions. 

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